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  • RT @nancypoling: @PPCNC voters: early voting starts Thurs, 23rd. Can vote out of precinct if U vote early. No ID necessary this yr.
  • RT @castirongroup: Congrats @PPCNC for the exciting merge to form Planned Parenthood South Atlantic! Thx for the inspiring lunch today.
  • RT @RobynFehrman: So grateful to spend afternoon honoring @JColm and 30 years of impact at Planned Parenthood of Central NC & @PPCNC. Thank you Janet!
  • Thom Tillis has shown time and time again that he will spend as much of the NC's taxpayer's money as he wants...
  • Tillis' beliefs about women belong back in the 50s. Too bad for him the voters of today see right through it.