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  • A very touching tribute to the late Sen. Martin Nesbitt at @ncjustice award night. "Surely we are better than this." Surely NC can be again.
  • RT @ncwu: That's NCWU board member @HBeaWill;) @PPHSNC: This is fabulous award, we'll try not to fight with @PPCNC over it
  • We agree! RT @PPHSNC: League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad is a truly impressive group of women. They truly deserve this award
  • Our beautiful award! Could not be prouder to stand with all of these defenders of justice tonight! @ncjustice
  • RT @ncwu: So proud of @PPCNC & @PPHSNC for the essential work they do for : @ncjustice